What is Neuralink? How Does The Technology Work?

Neuralink is the future of technology because people can use it to run machines with their brains. Find out what Neuralink is and more about it. For example, It shared a video of a monkey playing table tennis with his mind. According to Elon Musk’s response tweet, this future technology can be tested on humans by the end of the year. In February, a Twitter user wrote that they are “always available for clinical trials on Neuralink.”

What is Neurallink?

Neuralink is a device surgically implanted into the brain by neurosurgeons using robotics. This procedure embeds a set of chips called a connector in the skull. It has a series of insulated wires connected to the electrodes used in the process. This device can operate smartphones and computers without having to touch them.

How does Neurallink Work?

Before understanding how it works, it’s best to understand the science behind the human brain. The brain consists of neurons that convey signals to cells throughout the body, including muscles, nerves, glands, and other neuronal cells. Each neuron consists of the dendrite, soma (cell body), and axon. Each of these parts has its function. Dendrite receives signals. Soma processes these signals. The axon then transmits signals to other cells. Neurons connect their synapses that release neurotransmitters. These chemicals are then delivered to the dendrite of another neuron cell, causing current to flow through the neurons. The electrodes, part of Neuralink, will read the electrical signals shaped by various neurons in the brain. The signs then extract in the form of action or movement. According to the company’s website, the device was placed directly on the brain because setting it outside the head would not correctly detect the signals produced by the brain. Now that you know what Neuralink is and how it works find out what Neuralink does.

What does Neuralink do?

As mentioned above, Neuralink can use to operate on encephalopathy. It can also use as a link between the human brain and technology. For example, paralyzed people can easily manage their phones and computers directly with their brains. Its main goal is to help people communicate via text or voice messages. But, of course,  it is not limited to this. It can also use to draw, take, and do other activities.

Neuralink Benefits:

It can use to run encephalopathy.

It can also use as a link between technology and people.

Paralyzed people can benefit from simply operating their phones directly through their brains.

It is also ideal for drawing pictures, taking pictures etc. can also be used for

This technology could be a breakthrough for patients with various neurological diseases and brain disorders.

If Elon Musk succeeds in this attempt, the world will remain in order. Many stroke patients also approached him and asked to use them as his study subjects, but Musk insisted on using them on monkeys first.


Neuralink is a device that will initially use to assist people with paraplegia with humble tasks such as using an iPhone without performing any physical movement and clicking a mouse on a computer. Human trials have not yet begun; Elon Musk and his team are optimistic about launching in late 2020, they’re fixing this timeline because FDA approval isn’t easy.



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