What is Event Marketing? And More

Event Marketing

Event marketing is creating or attending an event to promote a service, product, or business. These can include workshops, conferences, seminars, launch parties and trade shows.

Each type of activity has a different purpose of helping you reach people. These events can range from a few elites to thousands. It depends on your goal and the resources you have. Event marketing is very effective when it comes to attracting a wider audience. Nearly 80% of marketers believe live events contribute to their success and increase their event budget.

Using Video To Promote Your Event

Watch this video from inbound 2018. For those who don’t know, Inbound is one of the most influential event marketing in the country. Its purpose is to inspire and educate professionals to succeed more with marketing strategies.

This video is a great promotional tool to help you understand the event. It includes attendees and speakers and shows you the event’s size and scale. The video is also dynamically featured and edited to keep you engaged with the content.

Promotional videos are just one type that can use with event marketing. These are great tools to post in the months leading up to your event to help build interest in your event. In addition, they can be used to announce dates and ticket sales or to answer a few questions people may have.

These are The Types Of Videos You’ll Want To Use Before Your Event.

Promotional videos help generate excitement for you to attract the broadest possible audience. Make sure the videos are easily shareable online and via social media. They can also tailor to appeal to different audiences. For example, suppose you’re holding a conference for those in the craft brewing industry. In that case, you could create a video to appeal to brewery owners and another for brewery workers and fans. This way, you appeal to different demographics and promise something for everyone.

Video Usage During Your Event

Using video to record the coverage of your event can be a great way to show people who are not attending what they are missing. Likewise, recording live events, including interviews and seminars, and sharing them on social media can show people what you offer.

Cross-promotion events with guest speakers can help you reach a wider audience if these speakers also post on your social media channels. You can also get live testimonials from attendees to record your thoughts and experiences. Sharing a live stream of events can help those who can’t feel part of the crowd.

Video production can be used not only for promotion during the event but also for content during the event. For example, you can use the video to greet attendees when they arrive at your event. You can also use video to enhance your speaker’s presentations.

While the live speakers can be informative, they can sometimes be a bit boring, sorry. Video can use not only to tell but also to show. A dynamic video presentation can make a big difference when it comes to attracting more business. Video can also use to introduce a speaker and get the crowd excited about their appearance. It is beneficial if attendees are unfamiliar with a particular speaker’s resume or background.

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