Webinar Marketing Campaign

Webinar Marketing Campaign

Webinar marketing campaign is one of the most accurate ways to generate new and increased business for your B2B company. While increasing conversions should be your ultimate internal goal, your primary focus should always be on delivering highly informative and helpful webinar marketing campaign to your audience.

Secrets of a Successful Webinar Marketing Promotion

Advertise your properties

The best thing about advertising on your properties is that it’s free! So here are some ways to feature upcoming webinar marketing campaign on your site:

Page Properties – Add upcoming webinars to your website’s Resources and Events pages. If you don’t have a webinar, consider creating a webinar page to host regularly scheduled webinars.

Banner Ads – Get top billing from your webinar with a banner ad on your home page. It is also a countless way to keep content dynamic on your home page. Don’t also forget to include a banner ad on your blog.

Thank You/Confirmation Pages – Connect with those who take already shown attention to your products or content by advertising upcoming webinars on landing pages and post popups.

Curated Content: Write posts with complementary topics for your webinar on your blog, then comprise a link to your webinar landing page.


According to our research, email typically accounts for 79% of our records. Therefore, it makes email the most effective marketing channel for webinars. Remember to send your first promotional emails 3-4 weeks before your webinar and increase the frequency of emails a week before the event.

Do Not Forget About Social Networks

Being active on social media is always a good idea. Show your followers you are engaged in the conversation and awareness of your online community. So get social:

Twitter – Tweet often around your upcoming webinar and use relevant hashtags (remember to choose a unique hashtag for each webinar).

Facebook and LinkedIn: Schedule promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure you use high-quality images, engaging content, and a solid call to action.

Groups and Forums: We don’t want you to spam, but if you’re an active group member, please announce your upcoming webinar in the appropriate groups and forums.

Paid Social Advertising: Try paid promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Team Up With An Influencer or Major Brand

Partnering with an industry influencer gives your webinar marketing campaign more credibility and adds value for your audience. You’ll also expose to your target audience, which can significantly increase your marketing reach.

When you partner, make it easy for your partners to endorse the webinar. And when we say “easy”, we are cruel. They must be able to cut and paste. Here are some marketing campaign bits you should share with them ASAP for consistency across all channels:

brand images

registration link

Email Examples

social posts

Leverage Your Employee Networks

Involve your employees in your webinar promotion plan! Especially if your social media matches your target audience. Employees are one of your most significant assets on social media when they get the word out about your webinar. LinkedIn reports that employees have ten times more connections than a company’s followers. So, provide your employees with social links and copy so they can easily share on social media.

Use Retargeting Ads And Other Paid Media

Just because a visitor doesn’t sign up for your webinar doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or won’t sign up for a future webinar. Unfortunately, only 2% of web traffic changes on their first call. With retargeting ads. And you can effectively use your ad budget on people who are already familiar with and interested in your brand.

If you’re on a budget, it’s worth trying paid media, including the targeted display and social ads. The keyword here targets it. Don’t put banner ads everywhere. Instead, look for advertising opportunities on websites that are highly relevant to your audience. What demographics, industry, role, etc., do you want? Use gritty audience targeting to reach people in your niche.

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