Email Marketing Myths

Email marketing myths work against you, make you believe nonsense and prevent you from doing the things that would be genuinely great for you. And while they follow the Email marketing myths that worked in your infancy, they can hinder your performance as a salesperson.

Top 6 Email Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

1.Email marketing is dead

While first-page results take you to articles claiming that email marketing isn’t dead, the number of search result phrases tells us that many marketers believe email marketing myths is about to die.

2.Email marketing automation is expensive and time-consuming.

Marketing automation may sound intimidating, but it can increase your sales when done right. For example, Forrester’s research shows that B2B marketers who use marketing automation increase their contribution to the sales process by 10% on average.

Email marketing myths automation helps you segment your campaigns correctly and deliver personalized messages to the right audience at the right time, and do it automatically.

3. Losses are lousy news

Marketers like to brag about the number of subscribers they have; This is probably why many brands display their subscribers on their blog or newsletter signup forms.

Numbers indeed increase social proof, but that’s not the only reason we share our list size. For example, when we have many email subscribers, we tend to take pride in ourselves because the number indicates the effectiveness of our marketing.

While an “unsubscribe” button requires it for email marketing, you don’t expect anyone to click the button. You may feel depressed when someone clicks because you think it’s a sign that you’re failing as an email marketer. That’s not how things work.

Unsubscribing doesn’t mean your email marketing is flawed; it just means that person isn’t a lead or engaged customer and is unlikely to buy (or continue to buy) from you in the first place. In this case, your list is smaller (probably saved you money), and they still won’t buy from you, no matter how personalized an email you send them.

4. Subject lines should be short

Marketers are obsessed with length. A shorter email capture page believes it is to lead to more conversions. The same goes for a shorter lead capture form. But size isn’t the only thing that matters in CRO.

Many marketers also believe that only short email subject lines are effective because longer subject lines will truncate it, and the recipient won’t be able to read and click everything.

5. Message match is not important for email post click landing pages

We’ve shown that message matching can improve or break your PPC campaigns. However, most marketers don’t know that message matching is just as important to your Google Ads campaigns as it is to your email campaigns.

The email you send to submit your offer must have a clear and relevant link to the post-click landing page of the email you link it.

6. Have a perfect day to email

Are you one of those marketers who schedule your emails to send on a particular day of the week because you think you’ll get more engagement?

It turns out that no day guarantees higher email engagement, so much so that there is conflicting research on what day of the week is best for sending emails.

What do you think?

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