3 Most Trending Mobile Apps 2023

Trending Mobile Apps

Trending mobile apps think of digital transformation as a state of constant agility rather than a technology project that will come to an end. And always ready to evolve according to customers’ subsequent requests. Then it will show the right way.

1. Increased focus on UX/UI – Trending Mobile Apps

Considering its small size, a clean and straightforward design for mobile screens is always up to date. In recent years, it has become extra evident that smartphone users prefer clean and minimalist interfaces. This type of design makes the content easier to read and perceive.

In the development of trending mobile apps, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are now more critical than ever. Why is that?

Because nowadays, people use their mobile devices for more than just sending emails and making calls. They use them for activities like banking, shopping, entertainment and more. So mobile app developers must ensure their apps are visually appealing and easy to use.

Focusing on UX/UI has spawned many innovative ideas to engage users. For example, you can do this by paying attention to things other businesses might miss, like colours!

Below is an excellent example of a successful Sweetgreen business web design. It is a mobile application where users can order food in advance. The overall colour scheme is very pleasing to the eye. The lines are clean and stylish.

2. More camera-oriented apps

Consider the following mobile app trend. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the massive trend towards working from home. As a result, nowadays, people make more video calls than before.

Zoom, Google Meet, and even old-style Skype have proliferated. In addition, video-based social apps like YouTube and Facebook Watch are also on the rise.

Social networks also actively use the trend of development of mobile video applications. For example, Instagram offers a feature for video calling. In addition, this social has added the Reel making function. These short and funny videos allow people to express themselves, just like on TikTok.

By the way, we also use Reels on Codice and Instagram. People can’t get enough trending mobile apps to help them stream videos, have fun, and connect with friends.

According to Statista, the video conferencing market expects to reach US$27.3 billion by 2026. So apply this mobile development trend and ride the wave now!

3. Development of augmented reality and virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) bridge the physical and online worlds. Virtual reality technology is completely changing the environment around us. To get a great VR experience, you need to choose the fitting VR kit.

Some options for recognizing virtual reality using special devices and mobile phones are Samsung Gear VR, LG 360 VR and others.

Augmented reality greatly expands the way our devices help with daily activities. These could be buying, looking for some information and expressing themselves.

For example, FFFACE, a world-renowned Ukrainian company, creates great AR projects for digital businesses. This work began with the first digital blogger in Ukraine named Astra Starr. FFFACE agency also actively collaborates with fashion brands to develop digital apparel.

Generally, Trending mobile apps use AR and VR to encourage users to try:

Paint colours,

Furniture pieces,


Hair colours and styles,


Putting on makeup.

Statista research indicates that the global VR and AR market will generate US$250 billion by 2028. Therefore, this is also a mobile app development industry trend for 2023.

At Coda, we successfully build AR solutions for companies. For example, the project in the video below is a cloud-based real estate portal. This cloud web solution provides 3D virtual tours. It allows users to see an accommodation on the screen as if they were already there.

We made this cloud platform easy to use, fast loading and responsive. It installs smoothly on desktop and smartphone devices and provides the best user experience.

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