Instagram Feed vs Stories: Which One Is Improved?

Instagram Feed vs Stories

Instagram Feed vs Stories, as a result, we consumed a lot of time thinking about IG Stories: how they differ from a feed and what businesses should use them.

I shared our findings in several speeches I gave last week, one at Social Media Week NYC and another at Digital Summit NYC. And we’ve created an infographic-style cheat sheet to help you spot the differences at a glance. For example, Instagram Feed vs Stories, so take a look and keep reading below for a deeper dive.

Instagram Resource

“Instagram Feed” refers to your chief Instagram profile page and the photos and videos you post there. These photos and videos will appear in your followers’ feeds. And those who follow any of the hashtags you use in your post.

And speaking of hashtags, the following is a great way to get posts from your posts discovered by new audiences. You can get gratified in front of extra people by using hashtags related to your business, industry or post topic. Learn extra in our guide on how to use Instagram hashtags.

The posts you share on your Instagram feed will live on your profile forever. For this reason, many Instagrammers choose their feeds carefully to feel cohesive when viewed as a whole. Make sure what you share in your Instagram feed represents your business well, as it will continue to be seen by potential new customers visiting your profile.

Nowadays, more people turn to Instagram when they hear about a new business or brand before Google or even a business website. So, your Instagram profile acts as your company’s or brand’s face. Therefore, you should feel good about the content in your feed that shapes their first impression of you.

Instagram Stories

“Instagram Stories” are good photos or videos up to 15 seconds long that disappear 24 hours after they post them. Instead of showing up in the feed, they appear at the top of an active user’s app when logged in and tapped to view. You can learn extra from our leader to get started with IG Stories.

Different from the feed, Instagram Stories offers various tools that encourage engagement. For example, it includes stickers that allow you to ask questions, create polls, and more. Also, the Instagram Stories border makes it super easy for viewers to message you directly.

Because stories disappear after 24 hours, they are often much more convenient to use than the Instagram feed. Accounts exist to share it on the fly, and more experiments are taking place as Instagram users explore all the possibilities. There’s nothing about your enduring record here, so feel free to try new things.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Feed vs Stories is an ever-changing platform where your ability to adapt and post content on time is critical. However, Instagram Stories has made great strides in recent years, and not taking advantage of these features will put your brand at a disadvantage.

As a result, you need to combine the feed and Stories features to reach and effectively engage your audience.

What do you think?

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