Elements of a Good Website And App Design

Elements of a Good Website

While leveraging certain influential design elements of a good website can enhance your platform, meeting your target audience’s needs and interests will be a tremendous success. For example, some apps and web apps may benefit from their complexity, while others may have a core user base that would benefit from a simple, easy-to-navigate platform.

This article will look at these design elements of a good website: navigation, standard visual design, and straightforward content. Crowd botic places a lot of emphasis on these elements of a good website, so I will discuss how these elements of a good website incorporate into applications created by Crowd botics, such as Copper and Aura.

While the following list of design components is helpful to consider when building your app, you should always keep user needs and interactions at the forefront of your design process.

Item 1: Standardized Visual Design

One of the first things users will notice about your platform is its appearance. A consistent, tone-sensitive design will instantly affect your users’ perception of your brand; Therefore, you should use design devices that match the message and perception you want your user to have permission for your platform.

Your platform’s overall visual design can divide into three parts: visual consistency, functional consistency, and external consistency. Visual texture means using standard fonts, buttons, labels, and colour palettes, while available character ensures interactive elements of a good website work consistently across all platform parts. At a higher level, external consistency means maintaining consistency between your design and your products (for example, making sure your app and website have standard, compliant designs).

Taking extra care that the visual design is standardized, professional and consistent will effectively complement the actual content on your platform and leave a positive perception of your venue to your users.

Item 2: Clear content

Adding clear and digestible content to your platform is twofold: the content you provide in your app or website is what the user first comes to access the platform, and the content on your platform affects search engine placement.

You can segment information with bullet points to reinforce the content of your website or app, add headings at appropriate locations, and use spaces as buffers to make the content appear more readable. Additionally, using action verbs at the beginning of headings or subheadings can give users a clear understanding of what they should be getting from a particular page.

While visual design is critical in shaping user perception and enhancing the appeal of your website or app, unclear or inappropriate content will deter users from recurring to your platform in the future. Content should be an asset in communicating your vision, mission, and purpose, so it’s up to you to use the content that way.

Item 3: Navigation

Navigation refers to the process your users will follow to find information or navigate different pages of your platform. Well-designed websites or mobile apps feature straightforward and intuitive navigation that allows users to find the information they want in less than three clicks.

Intuitive navigation involves predicting user behaviour and adapting your platform’s structure to this typical behaviour. However, contrary to intuitive design, inefficient navigation can cause users to lose interest or patience when navigating your website or app.

Best practices for ensuring navigation efficiency include grouping pages with similar functionality or content, limiting hyperlinks, placing the navigation bar in a consistent location, and connecting users to the home page across all touchpoints. In addition, organizing your website’s or application’s content in a hierarchical structure during the development process will make it much easier for you to provide good navigation.

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