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Gadgets Hackers

If you’re tired of everyday gadgets hackers need a new toy, we’ve compiled a list of gadgets to help you take password cracking and wireless hacking to the next level. These are great gift ideas if you’re not a white hat or pentester but have a hat to buy for a birthday, Christmas present, or other gift-giving reason.

Some of the elements presented in this article may not appeal to all penetration testers. However, as gadgets hackers, we develop our areas of expertise and interests.

Wi-Fi enthusiasts may appreciate the antenna below as it can capture wireless keystrokes similar to capturing WPA2 handshakes. Others interested in quadcopters may enjoy drones known for their ability to fly 1-2 miles without losing signal and carry attached hardware like Pineapple Wi-Fi and Raspberry Pi.

Mouse evasion holding the antenna

In 2016, security company Bastille made headlines when it reported its research into wireless keyboards and mice vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, called “mouse hacking”, allow an attacker (up to 100 feet away) to take control of a targeted computer without requiring physical access. These attacks allow penetration testers to anonymously connect your device to a target computer using popular wireless keyboard adapters, allowing for remote keystroke injections.

This attack is possible because the keyboard vendors (Logitech and Dell) do not encrypt data transfers between the keyboard and the USB adapter or do not adequately authenticate devices communicating with the adapter. More than two years take passed since the vulnerabilities disclose it. Still, since Logitech and Dell are top-rated manufacturers of wireless keyboards, more than a billion devices worldwide are reportedly affected.

GPU to crack passwords

A graphics processor (GPU) is a chip embedded in an internal graphics card, usually installed on the computer’s motherboard, designed to efficiently process images and replace memory in smartphones, personal computers and game consoles. GPUs are responsible for all photo and video processing in our electronic devices.

Gadgets hackers reuse GPU technologies and create unique “cracking teams” to enhance Hashcat password brute-force attacks. One such use illustrates in Tokyooneon’s article “Hack 200 online user accounts in less than 2 hours”, in which it hacked hundreds of Twitter, Facebook. And Reddit accounts using a GPU to crack hashes in a database of leaked passwords.

The smallest laptops in the world

The GPD Pocket has remained dubbed the “world’s smallest laptop,” an exciting choice for white hats and pen-testers who are always on the go. The Intel Atom X7 packs a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 8 GB of RAM into a small-sized laptop. And, slightly more significant than most modern smartphones.

Pocket PCs are gaining popularity due to their small size, physical keyboards, ability to handle high-performance games. And, Intel CPUs that are superior to those found in Raspberry Pis and smartphones.

Pentesters can easily install various Linux operating systems on this device, including Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and Black Arch, instead of the default Windows 10.

If you’re looking for a little more power in a slimmer laptop. Also, the latest GPD Pocket 2 has better hardware features and is 50% thinner than its predecessor.

The newest Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ was free this year with a slightly faster CPU, updated Wi-Fi and Ethernet modules. And can powere without a traditional power adapter using the Ethernet port (with PoE HAT).

Null Byte covered building a hacked Raspberry Pi, using VNC to access it remotely, and creating a portable Pi box for pen-testing. In addition. Also, using a Raspberry Pi as the hacking tool discusses it.

USB stick

USB Armory is a USB flash drive-size computer design to offer a range of advanced security features. It builds to support the development of various security software and applications. While reducing power consumption. According to the developer’s keynote at FSec 2016, USB Armory can be used to:

File storage with advanced features such as automatic encryption, virus detection, host authentication, and data self-destruct

OpenSSH client and agent for untrusted hosts

Router for end-to-end VPN tunnel

And, Password manager with integrated web server

Electronic wallet (for example, Bitcoin wallet)

Also, the authentication token

portable penetration testing platform

low-level USB security tests

It also has excellent support for Ubuntu, Debian and Android operating systems. Please refer to the official website and documentation for a detailed overview of USB Armoury.

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