Masterbuilt 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker?

Masterbuilt 1050

Masterbuilt 1050 recognizes it for its high-quality smokers and gratings. But you might be wondering what sets this model apart from the rest. What do you get when you combine all the features of the Masterbuilt 1050? Complex flavour combined with a simple design. Now any beginner can get this professional taste. With this versatile design, you can smoke, grill, grill, bake, and roast any meat to the highest quality. Get the perfect smoky flavour for any occasion.

1. Type

There are many on the market when looking for grills/smokers. The three primary sources of heat are electricity, gas and coal. The Masterbuilt 1050  Gravity Series 1050 is an electrically powered coal model. You have to fill the charcoal and plug it into an electrical source.

2. Food Capacity

The Masterbuilt 1050  Gravity Series includes two porcelain-coated smoking grates and one combustible cast-iron grate. When put together, they create 1050 square inches of grilling area. The middle and scorching bottom shelves are two separate racks that snap together to complete the frame. Having multiple parts on the shelves makes them more manageable when you need to remove them for cleaning or maintenance.

3. Fuel Capacity

The Masterbuilt 1050 GravityFed Hopper holds up to 10 pounds of lump charcoal or 16 pounds of briquettes. Thus, you can use it for about eight hours at a low temperature without any problem. It is an ideal time for smokers. Careers. The digital control runs a fan very fast to adjust the cooking temperature automatically. For tall cooks, this makes the Masterbuilt great; You can run errands or stop by the store for a forgotten item without worry.

4. Accessories

When choosing a grill/smoker, you want the best bang for your buck. Some lesser grills/smokers come with extra accessories like a spatula, tongs, kebab or company apron, but this one doesn’t. The only included addition is a wired temperature probe. Don’t worry; this is the only essential you’ll need to get started. Yes, fancy items would be lovely, but we recommend contacting the one that suits you best.


You can smoke, grill and roast in this single unit

You can use natural charcoal in pieces or briquettes

Grill wood pellets or charcoal as quickly as using a gas grill or smoker

Fan-controlled temperature makes it extremely easy to use! Just set your temperature, and it stays constant

Built-in wireless monitoring and control is unique to charcoal grills and smokers

Reversible racks for more efficient smoking or grilling

It is straightforward to add more charcoal while cooking if needed.

Food thermometer included as standard (can accommodate up to 4)

Easy to clean with the removable ash catcher in the hopper

Multiple switches on each door and lid to prevent the charcoal from burning uncontrollably

Beautiful and thoughtful features with storage cover, hooks for hanging tools, folding front shelf and four casters.


There isn’t much usable space on the front shelf with the door closed because the handle gets in the way.

No direct flame broiling (still gets hot enough to broil!)

Removable drip tray can be easier to access

I had occasional connection issues with the smartphone app

Construction materials can be thicker (although this will add high cost)

What do you think?

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