Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro: which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 may have recently launched a new pair of flagship wireless earbuds – the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with a fresh redesign, plenty of new features, and new tech – but we’re looking at two old stablemates here.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Wireless Headphones feature the latest noise-cancelling technology from the tech giant and are Samsung’s “lightest” wireless in-ear headphones. But how does it compare to the older Galaxy Buds Pro, another noise-cancelling bud from Samsung?

We compare the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 to the Galaxy Buds Pro and see which, if any, are worth your time.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro: At a glance

The Buds 2 are smaller and lighter, making them better for smaller ears.

Buds Pro prices it’s higher, but now both are available at lower prices

Buds Pro have more advanced noise-cancellation features

Also, Buds 2 have two more hours of battery life

Buds Pro lacks brightness but sounds less harsh than Buds 2

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro: Design

At just 5g per earbud, the Galaxy Buds 2 are Samsung’s smallest and lightest wireless earbuds to date. (The new Buds 2 Pro weighs 5.5 grams per earpiece.) In addition, while the square charging case is white on the outside, the buttons and inside come in four colours: graphite, white, olive green or magenta.

Their undersides are less bulging than the Buds Pro, making them more suitable for smaller ears. You can also use the Galaxy Wear app on your phone to do a headphone fit test: it recognizes that we’re wearing the headset in our ear, sends some tones to our shells, and then decides whether the ear tips we’ve chosen are from a headset.

So again, the triple selection provided a good fit. For us, the preset mid-size pairs seal well, and while they’re not the safest earphones we’ve ever used (we wouldn’t use them for our most challenging workouts), they’re comfortable and lightweight—our listening process.

The (slightly) older Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro weigh 6.3 grams each and are somewhat thicker. They also come in fancy colours: Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black.

Samsung provides three pairs of silicone ear tips with the Galaxy Buds Pro. As we noted in our review, “it’s pretty easy to put the earphones in a comfortable position. But there’s a bit more movement in the earphones, perhaps due to their physical size.” buttons of the ideal”.

Both models feature Samsung’s auto-switch feature. Which allows the headset to connect to multiple Galaxy devices simultaneously and automatically switch to your device. Useful if you want to change from streaming music on your Galaxy Tab to receiving a call on your Samsung Galaxy S21.

The Buds Pro has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can submerge in up to 1 meter of water for at least half an hour. Unfortunately, the Buds 2 can’t match this performance – they rated IPX2, which means they’re just splashproof.

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