What is Logitech G710? Features, Performance And, More

Logitech G710

The Logitech G710 current flagship gaming and keyboard houses “mechanical” key switches and multiple programmable keys and media controls for longer life and better necessary action. At around 140 dollars, it may seem overpriced for just a keyboard, but it delivers.

Logitech G710: Design And Features

One area where the Logitech G710 can disappoint is its overall design. Its angular shape, multiple logos. And a mix of grey and black plastic with an orange glow surrounding the ‘G’ keys gear towards gamers but are not something you can call stylish. It’s far from the brushed aluminium simplicity and premium feel of Corsair’s K-series keyboards.

However, it is a well-put-together kit, despite being all plastic. There’s some flex if you press hard on the center of the keyboard, but it’s substantial in use. Logitech shows its website how the keyboard works after hitting a tank.

On the bottom are four large rubber pads to prevent the keyboard from slipping, as well as forced-lift feet to create a steeper typing angle. Unlike some keyboards that offer two leg lengths, there’s only one level of adjustment here. There is a spare USB port on the rear edge – the cable connects it. You must plug the second USB plug into the main line to enable this.

One problem with many mechanical keyboards is that they must be long to fit the keys, so good typing posture and wrist rest are critical. A snap-on plastic wrist rest provides a slightly more gradual angle, but this is a moderate effort. Therefore, we recommend leaving it out and choosing a suitable padded support to achieve a comfortable height for your wrists.

The heart of this keyboard is the use of mechanical switches. Most modern keyboards use key buttons made of a single sheet of rubber with small nubs acting. As springs for each key and patches of conductive material that complete the circuit when the key presses it.

Mechanical keyboards are keyboards that instead use precision-made individual switches for each key. Usually, these refer to modern key types made by Cherry. It’s much more expensive to make, but it lasts longer and provides a more consistent typing experience.

Cherry MX switches are also available in different types; some click audibly (tactile, click), offer a slight perceptible impact when activated (tactile, non-click). They provide a smooth motion (linear), or have different levels of resistance.

Logitech G710: Performance

The Logitech G710 performs amazingly. The typing experience is excellent, with fast but light essential travel. They allowing you to type faster than we can on any keyboard equipped with a rubber membrane.

The real benefit of this responsiveness for most gaming scenarios is less obvious, but the extra-long switch life will appreciate.

Our only concern with everyday typing was the labelling of the keys. Besides using a slightly weird font. Logitech G710, for some reason, changed the rule and placed each key’s primary function label at the top and the secondary function below. The backlight is also much less visible on secondary functions, so it can often help you find the key you’re looking it.

Despite the noise damping, this is a noisier keyboard than your typical rubber membrane keyboard, but it’s certainly a welcome improvement. However, this probably hasn’t gone far enough for those who can’t stand loud keyboards.

Other Things To Consider

Of course, no gaming keyboard would be complete without a full set of programmable keys and extensive software to program them, and of course, Logitech provides an easy-to-use controller. By the way this requires using the macro keys. And there is currently no version for Linux. So these features will not be available for these users.

The software automatically detects the various games you have installed and sets the appropriate controls for that game to the G-keys, but you can customize them.


Logitech G710 got a little wrong with the design of the G710, and it will be too expensive for many, but other than that, it’s an excellent premium gaming keyboard.

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