Monster Rockin Roller 270X

Monster Rockin Roller 270X


The Monster Rockin Roller 270X is a festivity speaker with an external microphone for karaoke enthusiasts and a built-in bottle opener for enjoying drinks with friends. It also has wireless capabilities, including a Qi wireless charging pad for charging Qi-enabled devices such as smartphones and earbud cases. Despite its bulky design, it features a telescoping switch and wheels that make it easy to move from one party to the next. The waterproof performance is also compatible with IPX4, so it’s okay if it’s a little splash, so you don’t have to concern about getting wet even if you take it outside.

For music, Monster Rockin Roller 270X is enough. With the default settings enabled, you get a punchy deep bass. However, you don’t get the deep drones and rumbles that typically occur with bass-heavy music. The mids and highs are also spotty, and vocals and lead instruments can alternately sound honky and muddy. However, this is less noticeable to casual listeners, with EQ presets, bass, and treble adjustments to tweak the sound to your liking. High volume will affect the audio quality.

Here is the Quality of the Monster Rockin Roller 270X Speaker.

Here is the Quality of the Monster Rockin Roller 270X Speaker.

The Monster 270X has decent build quality. It’s mostly plastic, feels sturdy, and has metal grills on the front and sides of the speaker. There is also a built-in bottle opener on the back to enjoy a drink with your friends. The waterproof performance is IPX4, so it’s okay if it gets a little splashed, so you can rest assured even if it gets a little wet outdoors. A small flap protects its input, and the back has two Velcro strips for attaching the included accessory pouch to the speaker. This speaker also comes with an external microphone. Again, it’s mostly plastic, but it doesn’t look classy. A non-slip Qi wireless charging pad sits on top of the speaker to charge Qi-enabled devices such as smartphones and earbud cases.

Guidelines to Make your Monster Rockin Roller 270x Bluetooth Speaker Bigger and Better

1.Place the Bluetooth Wireless Speaker on the Floor

Want to know how to improve the sound of your wireless Bluetooth speaker? One option is to put it on the Floor. Placing the wireless Bluetooth speaker on the ground will help the vibration flow. In addition, it makes the sound unfiltered and clear.

2.Room Size

If you want your wireless Bluetooth speaker to be louder, check the space you’re using. Sound bounces off the walls in an enclosed area but attenuates as you move away from the source in an open space.

The best way to adjust the audio to your liking is to change the audio up or down manually. It sounds easy, but manually calibrating your wireless Bluetooth speaker is best.

And More

3.Two Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Are Good

What’s better than a wireless Bluetooth speaker? Two wireless Bluetooth speakers! Similar to manually changing settings, this seems like a simple fix to improve the sound of wireless Bluetooth speakers. But it does help fill out the sound, allowing the vibrations to blend to create a richer sound.

4.Place your Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Near the Wall

Placing a Bluetooth wireless speaker near a wall can distort the sound. Nobody wants it. What can you do about it?

Try moving your wireless Bluetooth speaker. If there is furniture in the room, this should also remain considered. Some furniture, such as sofas, muffle the sound. In space, the speaker’s vibrations bounce everywhere. Move around until you get the quality and volume you want.


Having too many things connected to the Internet can slow down your computer. The same applies to wireless Bluetooth speakers. It dramatically impacts quality, especially if you’re streaming from a music service.

6.Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Repair

Also, take care of your wireless Bluetooth speaker, increase speaker volume and improve sound quality. If you’re looking for a great tuner Bluetooth speaker, look no additional than the DOSS Soundbox. If you’re new to wireless Bluetooth speakers, check out our 2020 best wireless Bluetooth speaker buying guide. You can understand how to choose the right wireless Bluetooth speaker.


This Monster Rockin Roller 270x has excellent sound quality, is very easy to connect, lightweight, and portable. I use it for my iPad, iPhone, and laptop. Appropriate for outdoor use as it has a rubberized cover. A carrying case remains included.

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