Vantrue X4 Super Capacitor 4K Dash Cam

Vantrue X4 Super Capacitor 4K Dash Cam


The Vantrue X4 is single of the first 4K UHD dash cams offered, but expect more to come. Unfortunately, this state-of-the-art model presents some of the challenges of this high-definition trend. It’s a bit pricey, and the 2160p recording has a noticeable improvement in detail but maybe not be worth the 4x increase in storage required from him beyond that. On the other hand, correctly, I understand that Vantrue does a lot.

Design and Function – Vantrue X4

Design and Function - Vantrue X4

The Vantrue X4 ($200 on Amazon) takes shape and form of a classic dash cam, looking like the ultra-compact Happy Snap He cams from a decade ago. The X4 features a 160-degree field of view (FOV) lens and the new 4K UHD Sony IMX317 sensor. Unfortunately, this feature set isn’t complete without the optional GPS mount ($22 on Amazon), so we encourage you to add it to your cart.

The camera has a mini USB port on the other side (same level) as the power button. However, his second mini-USB port on the suction cup is near the windshield, so you don’t have to unplug it every time you remove the camera. The same goes for the GPS mount, but in this case, if you want to power both the camera and the GPS, you’ll need to use the mount’s USB port.

The 3-inch display has four navigation buttons (Up/Down/Menu/OK) for navigating menus and turning the camera on and off. The menu system remains logical and divided into system setup, recording setup and file viewing functions. It would be best to push OK to stop recording to access the above menu system. There’s possibly a technical reason for this, as I’ve seen the exact requirements on other dashcams I’ve reviewed.

It has an SDHC slot left and a mini HDMI port on the right to output video directly to your TV. The underside is left for ventilation and drains out the front of the camera. A slightly unusual thermal solution that allows the X4 to remain quiet while in use.

Power – Vantrue X4

The Vantrue X4 shoots excellent daytime video, but the nighttime video remain what I rate as good. Regardless of quality, 4K UHD video (2160p) takes up about four times as much storage space as 1080p, or about 1GB every 3 minutes.

You can judge the quality of the day by the image below. Colors are well saturat despite a gray day, but compression reduces detail and isn’t much better than 1080p. (The nine zeros next to the date are license plate placeholders.)

Should I Buy Vantrue X4?

The Vantrue X4 will get a lot of attention just by being one of the first 4K dash cams. It’s undeniably sleek, easy to use, and it shoots excellent videos. It is the best I’ve seen of him all day. But the quality may not justify your premium for 4K UHD video. Not to mention the added cost of storage. And for the price, I would have liked a more durable capacitor. With a slightly longer runtime of 12 volts, I would have rated it half a star higher.


Vantrue X4 Cameras have become an indispensable accessory for cars. So if you want a camera that records 24/7, gives you a clear view even at night, and keeps your car safe, the Vantrue X4 UHD 4K dash cam is a particular model.

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