Facebook’s Original Headquarters is At 1 Hacker Way

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1 Hacker Way Facebook is moving from its current headquarters in Palo Alto to a new location in Menlo Park. At least some business cards have already been prints, making the company’s new address relatively official. One hacking method.

1 Hacker Way is the main campus address, but certain buildings have their lessons. For example, 18 Hacker Way is probably the legal department’s address. It may seem random, but one day you will hear stories of buildings with no address or skipped numbers on purpose. For example, Facebook moved from its Palo Alto campus to a larger campus in Menlo Park and built a second campus across the street, connecting the two with an underground tunnel. Ultimately, Facebook hopes to approve Menlo Park to house its 9,400 employees.

Social His networking giant initially wanted the new address to be 1 Social Circle, but after Google developed its Google+ with Circles feature, Facebook had to choose something new. had. The former Sun Microsystems campus remains previously located at 1 Network Drive. Out of three

Facebook’s New Headquarters – 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park: Design

Renowned architect Frank Gehry designed the office space that houses the campus. The campus is approximately 430,000 square meters. The architect enlisted the help of his 15 other local artists to paint and design the room’s interior. Facebook has the most extensive open-plan office plans in the world. Therefore, a 2-hour guided tour of the facility with stops along the way is require. The interior is elegant, from the transparent meeting rooms to the artwork to the futuristic furniture. Since the site is large, we have prepared bicycles so the staff can move around while maintaining their health.

One of the top prominent features of the new campus is at least 9 hectares of rooftop parkland. There are at least 100,000 native plants, 400 trees, and gardens. The roof acts as insulation and has significantly reduced Facebook’s heating and cooling costs. If you get lost, there are staff willing to walk or jog and maps to guide you around. If employees are interested in group exercises, there is plenty of room for this. Every employee has a vending machine for electronics, such as cables, headphones, and batteries. Also, all employees have free meals. Playrooms are available for both employees and visitors.

Founder of Facebook: Vision

Founder of Facebook_ Vision

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg dream of connecting people, he’s done it pretty well internally. Open spaces with offices at the center of the facility are futuristic and enable environments for people to collaborate and innovate. While most tech companies typically focus on privacy, Facebook does the opposite by encouraging people to roam around the office. The campus’s main idea was to encourage employees to design their workplaces to be more accessible and productive.

Here are Some Tips for the New Campus. – 1 Hacker Way

  • Corridors remain lined with chalkboard paint, and chalk boxes are placed on each desk for employees to hang posters and doodle ideas on the walls.
  • Exposed plumbing along the high-ceilinged corridors gives the place an unfinished feel and “reminds us that our work never ends.”
  • No private offices or cabins.

The walls have remained torn down so everyone can sit outside with the team.

  • Hundreds of meeting rooms and rooms with sofas and brightly color chairs are scatter throughout the building.
  • Each meeting room features glass walls or panels so you can instantly see what’s happening inside.
  • The entire campus is connect by a courtyard full of bulldozers and dirt. Still, eventually, it will have two full-service coffee shops, two coffee shops, an on-site doctor, a fitness center, and more. • Other perks, such as free dry cleaning and endless snacks, are provided in the micro-kitchen.
  • There are no new doors on campus.

All of them remain recycled from what their predecessors used.

  • We offer a powerful alternative to driving to work, including complimentary area shuttles, vanpools, bicycles, and our partnership with social ride-sharing service Zimride.


1 Hacker Way Facebook originally wanted the address to be 1 Social Circle, but after Google+ added circular functionality, something new had to do created. Facebook has evolved into a technology giant whose growth has led to a successful move to Facebook’s new headquarters, now located at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park.

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