How Many Suicide Cases In 2022?

How Many Suicide Cases In 2022_


It is a genuine concern to know. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released data on suicide Cases In 2022, and the numbers were staggering. In 2021, 1,64,033 suicides were reported in the country, a total increase of 7.2% associated with the previous year. The number reported is the highest ever written in the country since the NCRB reported suicides in 1967. In terms of suicide rate, India says a rate of 12 (per lakh population) and this rate reflects her 6.2% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.

Suicide Cases In 2022 Percentage In Various States:

Suicide Cases In 2022 Percentage In Various States_

  • Most suicides were stated in Maharashtra, followed by Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, and Karnataka. Combining these five states, the number of reported suicides in the country accounts for 50.4%. In terms of suicide rates, Andaman and Nicobar Islands had the highest rate (39.7), followed by Sikkim (39.2), Puducherry (31.8), Telangana (26.9) and Kerala (26.9). Family problems and illness were the foremost causes of suicide, according to the report. The overall male-to-female ratio of suicide victims in 2021 was, higher than in 2020 (70.9:29.1).
  • Suicide rates among men rose even further in his last year. One reason could be the post-pandemic rise in unemployment and economic downturn. Male members, the primary breadwinners of their families, bore the brunt of financial ruin through wage cuts, pay freezes, or, at worst, unemployment. It support by the fact that most day labourers committed suicide, followed by the self-employed. Multiple Reasons for Suicide

More Suicide Cases In 2022

  • Day labourers rank third among female suicides. Again, the farmer accounts for 50% of the total number of farm worker suicides. The economic instability that hit day labourers (many of whom migrated from other states) during the pandemic due to lockdowns and subsequent unavailability of jobs appears to have taken its toll. Public suicide prevention policies need to take seriously the damage caused by the economic downturn and take this issue seriously.
  • Among the women who committed suicide, ‘marriage-related problems’ (mainly ‘dowry-related problems’) were the most common, and by occupation, housewives were the most common. Thus, as Western study portrays, social issues such as gender inequality and dowry practices continue to make marriage stressful and vulnerable for Indian women.
  • 13,039 students died by suicide. A good percentage of these people were students. The age groups 18 to under 30 and 30 to under 45 accounted for 34.5% and 31.7% of all suicides, respectively.

The U.S. Had All-Time High Shared Mortality From Alcohol, Drugs And Suicide Cases In 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – May 24, 2022 – Alcohol, drug, and suicide-related deaths claimed the lives of 186,763 Americans in 2020, with total deaths up 20% in one year. , the highest number of deaths from substance abuse ever recorded in—a single year.

  • Alcohol, drug and suicide-related deaths have been on the rise for decades. Still, the increase in 2020 is unprecedented, with drug-related deaths increasing by 30% and alcohol-related deaths rising by 27%. All 50 states, except New Hampshire, increased their combined alcohol, drug and suicide mortality rates.
  • Drug-related mortality increased by 30% overall. It is primarily due to increased deaths from synthetic opioids and psychostimulant use. Drug-related mortality increased in all but one segment of the population aged 75 and over. • Alcohol-related mortality increased by 27%, spanned parts of the country and demographic groups, including all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The increase particularly pronounces among young adults, Native Americans, Alaska Native and Asian communities, and people living in the Midwest.
  • Inclusive suicide rate decreased by 3%, but this trend was not universal. Although the decline occurred among whites, the number of deaths from suicide that year increased among Native Americans, blacks, and Latinos. Suicide rates for adults between the age of 35 and her age of 74 have declined. But suicide rates for adolescents and young adults have increased.


Suicide Cases In 2022, the data is chillingly clear – alcohol, drugs and suicide threaten the lives of all communities, and communities disadvantaged by longstanding social, economic and environmental inequalities suffer from imbalance. Urgent action is needed to save lives. It is imperative that officials at all levels of government action by the guidelines recommended in this report.

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