5 Artificial Intelligence Experts you should Follow on YouTube

5 Artificial Intelligence Experts you should Follow on YouTube


AI is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of the moment. Everyone talks about it, but do they know what AI is?

Artificial Intelligence is a broad field involving a variety of aspects and subtopics. It can be overwhelming for a newbie to tackle or keep up with the latest advances. So what resources should you include in your learning roadmap?

We asked our team of Artificial Intelligence experts for the best free online tools to learn more about AI and follow the latest developments, and they all agreed that Youtube should be one of their favourite channels. So, without further ado, here are 5 AI Youtube channels that you must include in your roadmap!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence_

What is AI? is the channel of Louis Bouchard, a young and talented Canadian graduate student in AI. The goal of this channel, whose name is self-explanatory, is to make AI accessible to (almost) everyone.

Bouchard posts one video a week, offers exciting content, and keeps things simple. Each video focuses on one of the latest innovations in AI, explaining it comprehensively but concisely. The content is well-edited and of high quality. Also, the narrative is straightforward to follow.

This channel is certainly a good starting point for beginners to understand complex new technologies. Plus, with well-cited references, you can always dig deeper if you want.

Two-Minute Document – Artificial Intelligence Experts

You may have heard of this channel before, but it deserves to be mentioned in this list. Created in 2006, Two Minute Papers is perhaps one of the most popular science channels. Its strength is that it effectively “extracts” understanding from exciting research papers in just a few minutes (often a little more).

Dr Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, an independent Hungarian researcher with a PhD in computer graphics and machine learning, leads the channel. In each video, Zsolnai-Fehér breaks down a new scientific article, aiming to convey his fundamental ideas.

The channel offers a good view of the latest developments. Thanks to the simple and captivating format, the content is also accessible to beginners. However, that doesn’t mean it’s unsuitable for more experienced audiences.

AI spark – Artificial Intelligence Experts

Sparkd AI is our own YouTube channel and is a handy tool for those who want to learn more about AI for professional and educational purposes. Our machine learning experts and PhD engineers provide our audience with explicit hands-on content, ranging from short demos to tutorials and detailed explanations of different technologies. Our videos focus on machine learning techniques and computer vision, possibly the hottest topic. Now. Sparkd AI content provides an accurate worldview of what it means to work with AI and the benefits it can bring in many areas.

In this weekly series, our CEO, Dr Luca Marchesotti, answers questions about AI in short episodes under 15 minutes. Topics include the creative power of AI, misconceptions about AI, and AI in social media, to name a few. For AI beginners, we also suggest including the 101 AI Question channel on your learning roadmap.


The purpose of WelcomeAIOverlords is to help people improve their machine-learning skills. Zac Jost, a research scientist at Amazon Web Services, runs the channel.

The exciting thing about this channel is that it offers video lectures on many aspects of AI. In this way, the lectures become simple and it is easier to understand the key points. However, Jost is committed to removing unnecessary formalism and complexity.

Furthermore, Jost firmly believes that he learns best by doing. Therefore, he provides practical videos with theoretical lessons. It allows you to learn how to work hands-on with technologies from scratch.

Yannic Kilcher

Yannic Kilcher has a PhD from the ETH Zurich Data Analytics Lab and is now the CTO of DeepJudge. Having experience in the field, he decides to open his own YouTube channel.

Kilcher typically covers research papers on machine learning, programming, and issues within the AI community. Furthermore, he focuses on the general impact of AI on society. His videos of him are always very informative and detailed. But most likely, the reason for his popularity is that he is also entertaining. In this way, learning complex concepts becomes enjoyable and not at all tedious.


As we said before, AI is a vast field, but you have to start somewhere. Even if you already have experience in the area, it’s crucial not to be left behind. Youtube channels of Artificial Intelligence experts help you with this.

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