Research Institute of Technology

Research Institute of Technology


An Institute of technology (also known as An institute of technology (also referred as: a technological university, technical university, university of technology, technological educational institute, technical college, polytechnic university or just polytechnic) is an institution of tertiary education (such as a university or college) that specializes in engineering, technology, applied science, and natural sciences.

The University Institute of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences

The University Institute of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences

Technical institutes and colleges of technology have existed since at least the 18th century but became popular after World War II with the expansion of engineering and applied science education and new needs created by industrialization. The world’s first technical school, the Berg-Schola (now the legal successor to Miskolc University), was founded in 1735 by the Vienna Court of Sermetcbania, Kingdom of Hungary. They are in charge of specializing in precious metals and copper. Mining according to the requirements of the Hungarian industrial train revolution. The oldest technical university in Germany is the Technical University of Braunschweig, founded in 1745 as “Collegium Carolina”. Another exception is the Ecole Polytechnique, which has trained the French elite since its founding in 1794. In some cases, it is either an engineering department or a college of technology.

National Agency


In the so-called Latin American Doctorate, the most critical higher education institutions dedicated to studying technology are the National Technical Universities, which branch out in the form of regional faculties throughout the country’s geographical areas. Technical University of Buenos Aires (ITBA) is another crucial technical institution recognized in Argentina.



From the 1970s to the early 1990s, the term remained used to describe the government and funded technical schools that offered both vocational and higher education. They were part of the colleges of the higher education system. In the 1990s, most merged with existing universities or created new universities. These new universities often bore the title of technical college, not for legal reasons but for marketing. AVCC Report The most prominent universities in each state formed the Australian Technology Network a few years later.

The 1990s to present

Since the mid-1990s, the term has remained used by some technically oriented professionals and continuing education institutions (TAFEs). A recent example is his 2014 renaming and relocation of the Melbourne Polytechnic by TAFE’s North Melbourne Institute [8]. These primarily offer vocational training, although some, such as Melbourne Polytechnic, have expanded into higher education and offer vocationally-oriented applied bachelor’s degrees. Usage of this term is historically most common in NSW and ACT. The new terminology is apt because the institutions in this category have become very similar to his 1970s his 1990s institutions.

In 2009, the old University of Tasmania system and TAFE Tasmania began a three-year reorganization to become the Tasmanian Institute of Technology.

In higher education, Australia has seven designated technical universities (although not all use the term ‘technical university’, such as the University of Canberra and the University of South Australia, formerly higher education universities). No).Transition to a full-fledged university with the ability

Institute of Technology

These institutions are research-oriented, with the right to award habilitation and doctoral degrees.

Graz University of Technology (13,454 students, founded in 1811, university since 1865, PhD since 1901, university since 1975). TU Vienna (27,923 students, founded in 1815, university since 1872, PhD since 1901, university since 1975)

The University of Natural Resources and Lifecycle Sciences Vienna (12,500 students, founded as a university in 1872, PhD from 1906, university from 1975) with a focus on agriculture

Montan-, Metallurgical and Materials University Leoben (4,030 students, founded in 1840, university since 1904, PhD since 1906, university since 1975)

Research Institute

These institutions focus solely on research.

Austrian Institute of Technology (founded in 1956)

Austrian Institute of Science and Technology (founded in 2007)

College Institute of Technology

Some universities have technical faculties and have the right to award habilitation and doctorate degrees and focus on research.

Johannes Kepler University Linz (Faculty of Technology and Natural Sciences founded in 1965, university since 1975)

University of Innsbruck (Faculty of Civil Engineering established in 1969)

Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt (Faculty of Technology and Science founded in 2007)


Institute of Technology and polytechnic institutes have existed since form the 18th century. But became popular after World War II with the expansion of education in engineering and applied sciences associated with the new needs created by industrialization.

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